Kia Ora community below is a quick snippet of our upcoming short-film called "Me Mangere" interviewing Toko Manuel locally known as TJ founder of our local radio station Repfm N.Zs number 1 hiphop station so humble real and authentic doing so much for our youth & community keep and eye out on the full short-film coming up about our great local services,people and facilities and Me Mangere Services opening up these resources for our community to reach out to if they are in need :) also big thanks for to our awesome film crew Tyler Foley & Phoenix De Vierman keep an eye out for the full shorfilm :) Title: Me Mangere Short-film Videographers: Tyler Foley & Phoenix De Vierman Interviewee: Toko Manuel Purpose: The ME Mangere short-film is about showing content of our local people & services that ME Family Services have or connected to through using digital technology. The goal is to support and add resource, light and love to communities by showing what is open and provided for our community enabling people to reach their full potential. #memangere#community #regeneration#empowerment #repfmnzsnumber1hiphopstation #localpacific